A Fiery Stephen Colbert Told Trump To Keep Jimmy Kimmel’s Name ‘Out Of Your Weird Little Wet Mouth’

Stephen Colbert had some strong words for Donald Trump after the former president attacked Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week and oddly confused him for… Al Pacino? For who knows what reason, Trump decided to rant about Kimmel’s performance as this year’s Oscar host, and Colbert was not having it.

“You keep my friend Jimmy Kimmel’s name out of your weird little wet mouth, OK?” Colbert warned Trump. “I’m mad. Jimmy Kimmel is my podcast brother from Strike Force Five. And I have vowed to defend him until my death or until the next ad for Mint Mobile.”

Of course, Colbert couldn’t resist taking his own jab at the Oscars.

“For the record, sir, Jimmy did an incredible job as host,” Colbert said. “Oscar viewership was up four percent. That’s right. This year, four more people watched.”

The late night host then took aim at Trump’s grasp of the real issues facing Americans.

“That’s right, in the middle of a presidential campaign and countless federal indictments, he’s obsessed with the Academy Awards from five weeks ago,” Colbert quipped before presenting Trump with a special award.

“In the category of Outstanding Achievement in Syphilitic Ramble in a Social Media Post, the winner is… whale!” Colbert said while holding up a card with a drawing of a whale, a deep cut reference to Trump bragging about how great he is at taking cognitive tests. He sure knows his animals.

Of course, Kimmel didn’t take Trump’s Social Media rant lying down. He devoted a portion of his Wednesday night monologue to roasting Trump for somehow confusing him with Pacino.

“Now don’t get me wrong, I wish I was Al Pacino,” Kimmel quipped. “He’s Al Pacino, I’m me. You’d think [Trump would] know that because I’m pretty sure, ‘Say hello to my little friend’ is what he said to Stormy Daniels that got him in all this trouble.”

You can watch Colbert’s defense of Kimmel above.

(Via The Independent)