Jimmy Kimmel Landed The Final Blow After Trump Reignited His Feud With The Oscars Host (Who He Confused For Al Pacino?)

Donald Trump, who really should have better things to do, has resumed his month-old feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

The former president still hasn’t gotten over Kimmel, who hosted the 2024 Oscars, taking time during the ceremony to read aloud a Truth Social post where Trump called him the “WORSE HOST” ever. Kimmel responded, “Thank you for watching, I’m surprised you’re still — isn’t it past your jail time?”

Earlier today, Trump woke up from his nap to rant on Truth Social about “Stupid Jimmy Kimmel, who still hasn’t recovered from his horrendous performance and big ratings drop as Host of The Academy Awards, especially when he showed he suffered from TDS, commonly known as TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, to the entire World by reading on air my TRUTH about how bad a job he was doing that night, right before he stumbled through announcing the biggest award of all, ‘Picture of the Year.'” He continued:

“It was a CLASSIC CHOKE, one of the biggest ever in show business, and to top it off, he forgot to say the famous and mandatory line, ‘AND THE WINNER IS.’ Instead he stammered around as he opened the envelope. Supposedly his wife, and even management, begged him not to do it, ‘DON’T READ HIS TRUTH, JIMMY, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS,’ they said. He was made to look like a FOOL, which he is, and at the same time go down in Television History as the WORST HOST EVER OF THE ONCE VAUNTED ACADEMY AWARDS!”

Trump seems to be confusing Kimmel with Al Pacino, who presented Best Picture — not “Picture of the Year” — to… and my eyes seeOppenheimer.

Kimmel once again had a solid response to Trump:

If history repeats itself, expect Trump to respond in a month.