Steve Bannon Is Threatening Bill Barr For Discrediting Dinesh D’Souza’s Election Fraud Movie: ‘We’re Coming For You, Bro’

Bill Barr has emerged as a surprising critic of Donald Trump’s election fraud claims. The former attorney general’s name and testimony has come up several times in the ongoing January 6 hearings. Not only did Barr successfully convince Ivanka Trump that her father’s “Big Lie” has no evidence — Barr has reportedly referred to the claims as “bullsh*t” — but he also slapped down Dinesh D’Souza‘s new film, 2000 Mules. According to Mediaite, that last one was a bridge too far for Steve Bannon, who apparently thinks it’s a great idea to threaten a former United States attorney general in the middle of an insurrection investigation.

“We’re not going to be blown off by somebody like Bill Barr. Bill Barr, we’re coming for you, bro!” Bannon said on the latest episode of his War Room show. “You’re sitting there lying about this. If you had any decency whatsoever … you would have reached out to Dinesh D’Souza before you smeared him.”

2000 Mules has been heavily touted by MAGA supporters for making the highly dubious assertion that cellphone metadata proves that “mules” were stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. However, Barr effortlessly shot the whole thing down during a deposition for the Jan. 6 committee. In fact, he actually laughed at the whole thing.

“The cellphone data is singularly unimpressive,” Barr testified via Insider. “Basically, if you take 2 million cellphones and figure out where they are physically in a big city like Atlanta or wherever, by definition, you’re going to find many hundreds of them that have passed by and spent time in the vicinity these boxes. And the premise that if you go by five boxes or whatever it was, that that’s a mule, is indefensible.”

(Via Mediaite)