Apparently Stormy Daniels Is Now Hosting A Reality Show Where A Bunch Of Hunks Look For Their DILFs

Stormy Daniels is back in the news, for two reasons. For one, the Manhattan criminal investigation into Donald Trump allegedly authorizing hush money to be paid to her over their alleged affair is back on. The big guy ain’t happy about that — so unhappy that he wound up accidentally admitting that their affair, which Daniels says she did not enjoy, really did happen. So there’s that, and then there’s this: She also has a new gay dating show.

As per The Daily Beast, the Trump-Stormy news arrived right as OUTtv was set to air the maiden episode of For the Love of DILFs, a reality dating show with a pretty solid hook: It pairs five young “Himbos” with five older “DILFs.” Strapping, Red Bull-fueled partiers get to bop about a place called “DILF Mansion” with a bunch of set-in-their-ways older dudes. There are briefcases with underwear. And there’s its host saying things like, “I’m your host, Stormy Daniels, and I was brought here by Doctor DILF.”

It’s a novel concept but is it any good? The Daily Beast critic seems to think so:

At long last, some wicked genius has tapped into what reality dating shows have always needed: pure slapstick energy. Watching these men bungle around a mansion, getting into petty fights, and trying to pretend like they’ve arrived there for love and not hot orgiastic sex is so beyond enthralling that I was legitimately devastated when I finished the last of the three episodes provided for press.

Slapstick and someone who’s probably slept with a president? Sounds better than crusty old The Bachelor. New episodes of For the Love of DILFs drop on OUTtv every Tuesday.

(Via The Daily Beast)