Stormy Daniels Called Her Trump Encounter ‘The Worst 90 Seconds Of My Life’ While Chatting With Former Foe Michael Cohen

There’s nothing like a common enemy to unite two former foes, and that appears to be what’s happening with Stormy Daniels and ex-Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. These are strange times indeed, given that (less than two years ago) Stormy was suing Cohen for defamation related to her claims about an alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump. Cohen is now spending his post-prison days doing the podcast thing while serving out the remainder of his three-year sentence under house arrest. His joint is called Mea Culpa With Michael Cohen, and surprise, surprise, he’s expressed regret for the “needless pain” he caused to the former exotic dancer.

Throughout their discussion, it’s apparent that both Cohen and Daniels regret their time in Trump’s orbit. Where Cohen is concerned, that regret is quite tangible, since Trump bypassed him for a pardon, yet Stormy is haunted by memories that shall never go away. One can only imagine what’s seared into her brain, even though (as highlighted by the Associated Press) the graphic part of it lasted less than two minutes. Oh boy:

She calls the encounter “the worst 90 seconds of my life, for sure, because it just made me hate myself.” While she did not feel “physically threatened,” she said she had not expected to have sex with Trump and, at one point, thought about how to escape the room, thinking “I could definitely outrun him.”

She repressed details of the rendezvous for years, she said, adding the dynamics only came into focus after she saw the movie “Bombshell” about the sexual harassment women underwent in meetings with former Fox News executive Roger Ailes. “I didn’t say anything for years because I didn’t remember,” she said.

Daniels added that her current taste for ghost hunting doesn’t scare her nearly as much as what her Trump encounter ended up costing her. “I’ve been face to face with evil in the most intimate way,” Daniels added. “Demons don’t scare me anymore.” Of the publicity that turned into a monetary nightmare for her, Daniels added, “Overall, if I could just wave a magic wand and make everything go back to the way it was before, I would absolutely do that.”

Judges have, at various points, ordered Trump and Daniels to pay legal fees racked up by the other, and her battle isn’t over yet. As noted during the podcast, there still might be more to come from the U.S. Supreme Court. “I’ve already lost everything,” she told Cohen. “so I’m taking it all the way.” (Damn, those 90 seconds of hell can stick.)

(Via Associated Press, Business Insider & Mea Culpa With Michael Cohen)