Noted Texas Ice Storm Weasel Ted Cruz Tweeted About The Texas Ice Storm And Was Swiftly Reminded Of The Time He Weaselly Fled To Cancun

Ted Cruz can’t read the room, but when it comes to winter storms, he can’t win, either. Nearly two years ago, he made the mind-crushing decision to flee to sunny Cancun during a devastating ice storm while his constituents froze. His pet poodle even looked dejected to be left behind, and it remains unlikely that Ted will ever be able to live this down. For good reason.

If you try to leap into his mind, though — scary, I know — you can guess the dilemma. Should he ignore storms and face further accusations of not caring about the fine residents of Texas, or should he tweet about them and risk another roasting? That aborted trip to Cancun will always haunt him, and in the end, Ted kind-of took the coward’s way out. He tweeted about the current storm that has left at least 200,000 Texans without power, yet Ted notably chose not to do so on the main “Ted Cruz” account that sees most of his Twitter participation.

Instead, he hopped over to his “Senator Ted Cruz” handle, where he tried to tweet like a concerned lawmaker. “Most Texans woke up to freezing rain and sleet that will continue throughout the day. Please follow all local warnings,” Cruz wrote. “Stay inside, warm, and off the roads if possible. Follow @TxDOT and @TDEM for the latest conditions.”

Nope, that’s not gonna fly when people are without power and suffering. Not that Ted could fix the issue by himself, but Texas has had a few years to mull over the bad idea of being entirely independent of other states’ power grids. The roasting began.

Some jokes will never get old.