People Can’t Believe Ted Cruz’s Poodle, Who He Left Back Home With A Security Guard, Is Actually Named ‘Snowflake’

There’s a lot to unpack about the Ted Cruz Cancún story, which has dominated the news since late Wednesday night. There’s the optics of jetting off to a beach vacation while his fellow Texans froze. There’s conservatives’ sad attempts at spin. There’s the obvious, schoolboyish lies from Cruz himself. There’s the images of the senator in a sad polo wheeling a carryon around an empty airport. There’s the memes. And if all this weren’t enough, there’s also this: He left behind a poodle, and the poodle’s name is actually “Snowflake.”

An Intelligencer reporter actually scoped out the Cruz house in Houston, where he found only a security guard and, visible through the glass door, Snowflake, a poodle left home alone by a family that sought warmer climes. This is obviously the least of the worries in this case; the dog did have some paid company, at least. (Although it’s not clear if Snowflake spent at least some time in a frozen house, as the Cruzes were among the millions in the Lone Star state to lose power. It came back on at some point Thursday.)

But a lot of people took pause with the deranged detail that Cruz would hate sensitive progressives so much he would name his dog — a poodle, no less — after the right-wing’s favorite insult for them.

Will Sean Hannity grill Cruz about his poodle’s name? Or will he try to spin that, as he’ll undoubtedly spin this whole Cancún affair? In any case, this is only arguably the most humiliating thing Cruz has ever brought upon himself, and he was once owned by the star of his favorite movie.

(Via Intelligencer)