Ted Cruz Is Ticked Off At Trump For Not Using His $100 Million War Chest To Help Republican Candidates

In a rare move, Republican Senator Ted Cruz has called out Donald Trump for not dipping into his millions to help out Republican candidates heading into the midterm elections. While opining on a senate race in Colorado where Republican challenger Joe O’Dea is looking to unseat Democratic incumbent Michael Bennett, Cruz put Trump on blast for not helping to turn the tide. (Cruz also called out Mitch McConnell for being cagey about where he donates his PAC funds.)

Via Mediaite:

“I will say by the way — I wish Trump was spending some of his money — Trump’s got a hundred million dollars and he’s spending almost none of it to support these candidates,” Cruz said.

“That is not ideal when Mitch McConnell only spends for the moderates of the anti-Trump candidates. It would be nice if Trump would spend some of that a hundred million dollars to help some of these candidates who Mitch is abandoning because they’re pro-Trump,” he added.

Of course, as has been widely reported, Trump is spending his PAC money on his mounting legal bills instead of helping the party. However, Cruz also brings up another issue. Trump is extremely temperamental. After O’Dea went on a Sunday talk show and said that Trump shouldn’t run in 2024, the former president immediately went to work telling his supporters not to vote for O’Shea.

“You’re just sitting there going, ‘Okay, great. So we’re gonna elect the Democrat who votes pretty much a hundred percent of the time with (Chuck) Schumer and (Joe) Biden,'” Cruz said before chiding O’Dea for “poking the bear” and Trump for, well, being the bear. “Do I wish Trump would exercise the restraint not to take a bat to him? Yes, but he’s not going to.”

(Via Mediaite)