‘The Daily Show’ Took Old Footage Of Republicans Saying Hillary Clinton Should Be Investigated By The FBI And Made It Sound Like They Were Talking About Trump

Trump World is still in the midst of an apoplectic fit over the FBI searching Donald Trump’s home over possible criminal activity. It’s not clear exactly what they were looking for or what they took. All we know is it (maybe) involves the 15 boxes of classified documents he took from the White House. But not knowing the full details hasn’t stopped the right from blowing their tops. Nor has them demanding something very similar happen to Hillary Clinton a mere six years ago.

The Daily Show put together one of their damning compilation videos, where they took various Fox News commentators demanding the FBI investigate Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. That they did — twice, including a mere 11 days before the election that Trump won. In both cases, then-FBI director James Comey reached the same conclusion: There was no criminal intent, so there was no case. In other words, the GOP loudmouths got what they wanted.

What were some of their arguments for the FBI investigating Clinton? They sound an awful lot like arguments one would make for investigating Trump

  • “The FBI stepping forward at this moment is demonstrating real integrity.” — Mike Pence
  • “When you have a presidential candidate, the FBI has a duty to ‘We the People,’ to investigate any appearance of impropriety.” — Bill O’Reilly
  • “I mean, come on, are we supposed to believe that after all that time she just didn’t know what the rules were?” — Harris Faulkner
  • “It is a federal crime to negligently handle classified information.” — Judge Jeanine Pirro (who also declared Clinton “guilty”)

There’s also blood-curdling footage of 2016 Ted Cruz before he grew his bad beard.

In short, conservatives care about the rule of law when it comes to Democrats, but when it comes to fellow Republicans — even the guy Fox News was all ready to throw under the bus for the guy who bullies kids — it’s another story.