Whoopi Goldberg Wasn’t Having It When An Audience Member Tried To Nab His Own Footage During ‘The View’

An audience member on Tuesday’s episode of The View learned a terrifying lesson: Do not let Whoopi Goldberg catch you recording the show with your phone.

As The View panel tackled Donald Trump catching a break thanks to his civil trial bond being reduced to $175 million, Whoopi brought the show to a screeching halt as she stopped Sunny Hostin from talking and leapt into action. Whoopi was clearly focused on something off camera, and it became clear as she got out of her seat and confronted a member of the audience.

“Sir, I have to stop you with the camera, ’cause I can see you,” Whoopi said via TVLine. “So do me a favor, don’t pull it out again. I’d appreciate that.”

The man agreed to stop filming, which is really the only move he had at that point. When Whoopi Goldberg snatches you up, you do what she says. As Whoopi returned to the table, a confused Joy Behar had no idea what was going on until Sara Haines let her know the guy was recording. Was being the keyword.

You can watch Whoopi jump into action at the 3:00 mark below:

The incident arrived on the heels of The View panel profusely apologizing to Whoopi on Monday morning for not listening to her and indulging in speculation about Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales revealed she’s been diagnosed with cancer, which had the co-hosts feeling pretty crappy and wishing they had followed Whoopi’s lead by staying out of it.

(Via TVLine)