‘The View’ Co-Hosts Have Resolved To Listen To Whoopi Goldberg After Kate Middleton Revealed Her Cancer Diagnosis

As the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories reached a fever pitch following a doctored photo released by Kensington Palace, Whoopi Goldberg took a strong stance on indulging in the public speculation. Her co-hosts on The View disagreed and continued to engage with the seeming scandal last week, prompting Whoopi to visibly check out and prop her feet up on the table. She was not having it.

Well, let’s just say there was a notable vibe shift on Monday morning.

Following Kate Middleton publicly revealing that she’s been diagnosed with cancer, The View co-hosts took turns apologizing for not listening to Whoopi and indulging in the tabloid frenzy.

“I felt awful, to be honest,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said via The Wrap. “Whoopi was right. And I’m guilty of having gotten into the fun of ‘Where’s Kate?’ and sort of thinking it’s funny, and sharing the memes, and playing into that. And I forgot something fundamental that we all know, which is every person, whether they’re a princess, somebody in a high privileged position, or just the person next to you is dealing with personal struggles that we don’t know about.”

“The lesson I learned was, when Whoopi Goldberg tells me to mind my own damn business, I will mind my own damn business from now on,” Ana Navarro bluntly stated.

However, Whoopi refrained from dropping an “I told you so” on her co-hosts. Instead, she focused on her concern for Middleton’s children.

“Once you’ve had this experience, it can scar you,” Goldberg said via Deadline. “Because once those things begin to happen, everyone jumps on board and there’s no way to stop it. I always think about the kids because the kids are hearing it outside, at school. Yes, even their kids.”

While Whoopi didn’t gloat about being right, she did take a friendly jab at the thought of her co-hosts actually listening to her for once. “I don’t put any money on it.”

You can watch the full segment below:

(Via The Wrap, Deadline)