‘The Ex-President Threw A 3 AM Tantrum Against The Judge Overseeing One Of His Many Felony Trials’ Didn’t Used To Be A Normal Thing People Said, But Here We Are

Despite court orders warning the former president about his incendiary rhetoric, Donald Trump went on one of his patented late-night rants against the judge overseeing his third indictment in Washington D.C. anyway. The former president is facing election interference charges stemming from his actions up to and including the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

Thanks to the aggressive tactics of his lawyers, Judge Tanya Chutkan set a trial date for March 4, 2024, just one day before Super Tuesday, and Trump has been pissed about it ever since. To prove that point, the former president threw a 3 a.m. tantrum on Truth Social.

“I am being ‘railroaded’ by a highly partisan and corrupt system of INJUSTICE, headed up by an opponent who is losing in the polls and, simultaneously with all of this, destroying our once Great Country!” Trump ranted while touting his latest interview with Mark Levin.

“Keep Indicting your Political Opponent, it makes no difference for what, or why,” he spouted minutes later. “Keep him off the ‘campaign trail’ and in the courthouse instead. Don’t think of his Rights, the Constitution, or Liberty. Sit back and WATCH AMERICA CRUMBLE!”

Swinging back to his favorite theme, Trump accused the justice system of being “rigged” against him. According to Mediaite, the former president concluded his rant by reposting Levin, who called Chutkan “another judge from a Marxist family.” Trump has been repeatedly warned about targeting the judge and court officials, but clearly, he’s not getting the message.

(Via Mediaite)