Whoops! By Suing Michael Cohen, Trump May Have Inadvertently Admitted The Stormy Daniels Hush Money Payment Was Real

Did Donald Trump have an affair with Stormy Daniels? He’s long insisted he didn’t. And yet he keeps accidentally admitting that he did. Back in February, Daniels thanked him for letting slip on Truth Social that their tryst “happened a long time ago.” On Wednesday he filed a lawsuit against Michael Cohen, the lawyer who claims he helped provide her with a hush money payment shortly before the 2016 election, alleging defamation. (Not that he hasn’t done that before.) But that may be Trump inadvertently admitting it again.

Former Manhattan prosecutor Karen Friedman Agnifilo went on CNN shortly after news of the lawsuit — which accuses Cohen of violating attorney-client privilege — was made public. She couldn’t for the life of her figure out how that isn’t an admission of guilt.

“It’s an interesting case here because, on the one hand, he’s saying everything is false, right?” Agnifilo said. “So if he was breaching attorney-client privilege, you’re doing that by telling things that were said to you in confidence. But so, is he saying things that Michael Cohen is saying are true because I told him in confidence, and now he’s breached that privilege? Or is he saying that the things are false? Because if they’re false, why didn’t he bring a defamation claim? So it kind of makes no sense.”

Agnifilo said Trump also violated another law: witness intimidation, saying that “he’s just using the court system like he seems to want to do, by going after his foes and adversaries.” She added that “to Michael Cohen and others who might want to come forward and give testimony in any situation against Donald Trump. It’s a warning. It’s, look what I’ll do to you.”

The former president has a lot of plates spinning in the air now, and it’s not clear which one will crash first. His indictment over the Daniels case might not lead to a conviction, though it has provided us with yet another case in which he was called out on what really seemed to be a very bad lie.

You can see Agnifilo’s CNN appearance in the video below.

(Via Raw Story)