‘The Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Thinks Trump Finally Did It: He Gave The ‘Greatest Excuse Of All-Time’

It’s hard keeping up with all of Donald Trump’s excuses in the wake of the FBI’s raid of his Mar-a-Lago compound. The alleged toilet flusher took classified documents, possibly containing nuclear secrets, because of “political persecution,” or maybe they were planted by the feds, or actually the documents were declassified and as president, he can do whatever he wants (this is, needless to say, very much not the case).

On Monday’s The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah spent a solid 10 minutes on Trump and his cronies treating world-altering documents like the printer ink you “borrowed” from work. “The most fun in all of this is how Trump and the red caps are working so hard to invent new excuses for why this crime wasn’t a crime,” he said. Noah then went through a few of the excuses, including the “the greatest excuse of all-time.”

In response to an NBC News report that “West Wing aides and government movers frantically tossed documents and other items into banker boxes that were shipped to a storage room at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida” because Trump was in denial about losing the presidency, all Noah could do at first was laugh. And probably cry. But mostly laugh.

After composing himself, Noah said, “Trump’s people are saying because he didn’t think he was leaving the White House, he packed in a hurry when he left. Yeah, he was so busy planning the coup he didn’t even think about packing. Is that what happened? It’s like, ‘Guys, I wasn’t trying to steal these documents. I was trying to steal the election. Why would I pack when I thought I’d have another 10 or 20 years in the White House?'”

You can watch The Daily Show clip above.