Truth Social Still Isn’t Approved For Android Devices Because It Keeps Getting Filled With Violent Threats Somehow

Just like Donald Trump, the problems keep stacking up for Truth Social. The struggling social media platform is still not approved for use on Android devices thanks to its failure to meet Google’s content moderation standards. The main issue appears to be violent threats that, somehow, keep popping up on the platform dedicated to hardcore Trump supporters who already have an insurrection under the belt. It’s a real mystery.

Via Axios:

For example, in response to a post from former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, an account called “TheVictim24” posted last week, “It’s be nice if you people weren’t just okay with the military and police stage a rebellion and framing civilians. Zero people trust the police and if the military comes in, we’ll kill them. Someone admit this nation needs to be nuked because it’s satanic.”

According to Axios, Truth Social is failing to moderate these threats, or at the very least, label them as sensitive content, which is preventing the app from being approved for use by Google. Of course, the moderation team is probably busy these days thanks to Truth Social’s biggest power user: Donald Trump. Hours before the Axios report, the former president spent Tuesday morning sharing unhinged memes about Biden and the “crime of the century” a.k.a. the 2020 presidential election, which is sure to tamp down the number of threats on the platform.

On top of the Google issue, Truth Social was recently denied a trademark application, and the platform reportedly owes $1.6 million to its web hosting company after it stopped making monthly payments in classic Trumpian style.

(Via Axios)