Tucker Carlson’s ‘Eye-Patch McCain’ Remarks About Dan Crenshaw Are Causing A Lot Of People To Remember That Pete Davidson Apology

In the midst of being pilloried for pushing the Great Replacement Theory that sparked the mass shooting in Buffalo over the weekend, Tucker Carlson managed to spark a new controversy on Monday night by insulting Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw for his support of the $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. Carlson, who’s been routinely criticized for pushing pro-Russia talking points, has been a vocal opponent of sending aid to the Ukraine. The Fox News host has said any Republicans supporting it should face primary challengers, but he took things even further when it came to Crenshaw.

During a segment with Tulsi Gabbard, Carlson insulted Crenshaw for saying that anyone who opposes the aid package is pro-Russia, which we already know is a sensitive subject for Tucker. Via Mediaite:

“There is no imminent threat, or even long-term threat of Russia invading Finland or Sweden,” Gabbard argued. “Russia can barely hold on to a very small sliver of Ukraine right now.”

Carlson then ripped Crenshaw as an iteration of late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) with an eyepatch.

“You know, the more I think about it, it takes a lot of gall for eyepatch McCain to attack moms who are worried about baby formula as pro-Russia,” he said.

Carlson’s insult was an interesting development considering Gabbard, who’s also a veteran, let it fly by without comment. More notably, Carlson was among the many conservative voices demanding Pete Davidson‘s head after he joked on Saturday Night Live that the Texas congressman looked like “a hitman in a porno movie.” Davidson was forced to apologize to Crenshaw, and the two later appeared together on SNL to bury the hatchet. It was a huge ordeal at the time, so naturally, people can’t help but notice the hypocrisy of Carlson doing the exact same thing with little pushback from the right.

You can check out some of the reactions on social media below:

(Via Mediaite)