Tucker Carlson Seems To Think The Only Thing George Santos Lied About Was Playing Volleyball And Does’t See What The Big Deal Is

The one thing everyone knows about George Santos — including George Santos — is that George Santos is a chronic liar. The freshman congressman from New York has admitted that much himself. While it would be quicker to list the things he has been honest about, we know that Santos has lied about his education, his professional history, his charity work, his religion, where the money he “lent” to his own campaign came from, the identity of his campaign treasurer, his history as a drag queen, and his mother dying on 9/11.

Yet, as Mediaite reports, Tucker Carlson conveniently left most of those tall tales out of the conversation on Thursday night, when he essentially attacked the media for turning Santos into a story at all. (Ironically, Carlson sarcastically described Santos as being “like 9/11 in human form.”)

After playing a variety of clips about Santos that aired on CNN and MSNBC, including one in which former congressman Adam Kinzinger described Santos’ win as a “stolen election” (which it was, given that virtually everything voters were told about the candidate were lies), Carlson did his best to turn Santos into a victim of the leftist media. And made it seem like all of the outrage was because the newly elected congressman from New York lied about playing volleyball in college (which was really just the cherry on top of his many other lies).

It’s not just that George Santos claimed that he once played volleyball in college — played volleyball in college! It’s worse than that. Indescribably worse. George Santos told other people, out loud — and CNN can exclusively confirm this — that he had a volleyball schol-ar-ship. Perhaps the most coveted credential in collegiate sports. But he didn’t. It was all a facade. It was a tissue of lies constructed to deceive the American people.

There was no volleyball scholarship. There was not a SINGLE DOLLAR of volleyball scholarship. George Santos made it all up out of whole cloth. Out of thin air. George Santos is an ersatz volleyball player!

You get the point. Carlson may or may not. (You can watch his full bout of pretend histrionics here.) But Jon Stewart was definitely on to something when he suggested that people aren’t taking Santos seriously enough.

(Via Mediaite)