Tucker Carlson Might Be Missing Fox News After Seeing The Plummeting Viewership For His Twitter Show

The most-watched episode for many shows is its series premiere. There’s a curiosity factor — is this for me, or will I never watch it again? When it comes to Tucker Carlson’s nutty Twitter show, the people have spoken: they’re out.

The first episode of Tucker on Twitter, which debuted last month, has over 25 million video views, which is the number of times the video was played for at least two seconds. The most recent episode? Think… lower.

Journalist Matt Binder tweeted the number of video views the former Fox News host has garnered since his Twitter show began. While his first show attracted 26.7 million video views, the subsequent episode attracted half as many: 13.9 million. His most recent episode, his eighth, only garnered 3.8 million video views, according to Binder.

You can see Binder’s findings below:

Tucker on Twitter is like The Flash — a big debut followed by a significant loss in interest, week after week — except the only running that Tucker is doing is towards deranged conspiracy theories.

Speaking of, Carlson is hosting the “first presidential forum of the 2024 Republican Primary season,” featuring conversations with GOP primary contenders including Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, and Asa Hutchinson. One person who’s not expected to attend is the frontrunner, Donald Trump, despite the bootlicking.

(Via the Independent)