MoonPie And Wendy’s Are Having A Twitter Love-Fest And We’re All Here For It


You would think that Wendy’s and MoonPie, two of the arguably best brands on Twitter, might have a competitive or adversarial relationship. On the contrary, while both the fast food chain and snack cakes have no problem flaming their respective competition, the two seemingly have nothing but respect for one another. During a recent Reddit AMA with the team behind Wendy’s social media, when asked what their favorite Twitter account was aside from their own, they even pointed succinctly to MoonPie.

Perhaps as a thank you, on Wednesday the MoonPie Twitter account tweeted at Wendy’s, “I think you are very pretty.” Wendy’s likewise responded, “Thanks MoonPie! You’re such a snack!” and from there the whole thing devolved into an adorably funny love-fest. Is it wrong to ‘ship to social media accounts? It wouldn’t be the dumbest thing to happen on Twitter in 2018, anyway.

Then Wendy’s really took things up a notch, by suggesting that this could be the start of a beautiful friendship, as snack cake meets burger. (But seriously, if donut burgers can be a thing, why not MoonPie burgers??)

Before anyone gets too excited, Wendy’s made sure to note that this is not going to actually be a thing you can order in stores anytime soon, instead offering up ideas to make your own.

Then MoonPie got into the game with their own pairing:

Brand synergy! But you have to admit, planned or not, the whole thing was pretty smooth on MoonPie’s part.