Wendy’s Is Still Flaming Haters And Competitors On Twitter, And Now It’s Hardee’s Turn To Feel The Sting

When it comes to brand accounts on Twitter, Wendy’s is the reigning mother of dragons at the moment. From schooling dissatisfied trolls and fast food competitors alike, to challenging (and encouraging) fans to attain record-breaking social media goals for free chicken nuggets, the team behind the restaurant famous for its super thick Frosties is quite literally on fire — though at the aforementioned shake’s expense. And to prove just how great they still are at Twitter, Wendy’s recently bested another competitor so well that the latter ultimately blocked them.

The corporate face-off began with a brief spat between fans of Wendy’s and Hardee’s over which fast food joint’s 4 for $4 deal was better:


When Hardee’s official account chimed in, their supporter unsurprisingly pumped his own chest and assumed the argument was over:


He assumed wrong:

That’s when the Wendy’s and Hardee’s accounts began sniping at each other. The latter noted the seniority of the former’s deal wasn’t necessarily a sign of greatness, which stems from some sound logic. (For example, compare 1982’s The Thing to its John Carpenter-less predecessor, 1951’s The Thing from Another World.)

However, Wendy’s assured its victory with a relevant-though-out-there question about the fourth man to walk on the moon and an important stipulation about not using Google. (It’s Apollo 12’s Alan Bean. Know your history, kids.) Needless to say, Hardee’s apparently could no longer stand the heat and bailed:

Sounds like hot drinks for everyone who’s a Wendy’s fan!