How To Get Freaky With The Rock: The Art Of The Dribble

By: 08.16.11  •  18 Comments
Baron Davis

Baron Davis

Ballhandling is an art. There’s no right or wrong way to practice it or get comfortable with it. If you work enough, it just comes. One person might have a crazy spin move. Someone else has that in-and-out that goes so fast, you’re always falling for it. He loves dribbling low to the ground, fundamental, his moves straight-line, north-south. That dude loves dribbling high, herky-jerky, speeding up and slowing down, baiting you and then exposing you. All of it comes together to form a unique culture, something perhaps no other sport can boast. A culture within the game.

Even today, I still find myself surfing YouTube to watch people dribble (thank god for YouTube by the way). And I probably always will. Even today, I still find myself trying to decipher the best, or quickest way to get handles. And I probably always will. Can someone tell me? Does anyone have an answer? There are 1,000 different answers, 8,000 different drills. There’s a tutorial for every move, every step. Everyone has the answer, but yet no one does. And still, that’s what makes it special. That’s what makes it different.

Millions of different ways to paint a masterpiece. That’s what makes it an art.


My 5 favorite ballhandling videos:


What was/is your favorite ball-handling drill?

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