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Isiah Thomas Gives The Real Reason Why People Hate LeBron James

By 10.04.11
LeBron James

LeBron James

We’d normally be abuzz with preseason and training camp talk around this time but you already know how it goes by now. As Blake Griffin tweeted: First day of training camp finally here can’t wait for… Oh what’s that NBA owners? You won’t let us play? Sorry everybody… On the morning of the start of training camps last year, what was everyone doing? Checking for photos of new J.R. Smith tattoos or seeing how long it might take Boris Diaw to get in shape or even to get some funky quote from Ron Artest or Stephen Jackson. Now this year? The gyms around the league look pretty vacant. Talks are still going on so anything can happen. They met for damn near seven hours yesterday, but still came out of it saying that it was all setting the table for today (so what exactly were they doing for seven hours?!). But what would you do if the whole season went to dust? College hoops would have to suffice but it’d still be a huge buzzkill. We at least gave you the official strategy guide to surviving the lockout. Still, the NBA’s finally in a transitional state with multiple title contenders and rivalries hanging in the balance. It’s been said before but it’s odd and inopportune to see things stall right when the league is coming off one of the most intriguing seasons in some time … By Sports Illustrated‘s estimation, there are more issues at hand than initially perceived. An interesting quote from Adam Silver suggests the NBA and the NBAPA have a laundry list of stipulations to work out after negotiating the cap and revenue problem. Silver didn’t go into detail on the “B-list” hang ups but we hope they get ironed out. The season obviously won’t start by Nov. 1 at this point but we’re still getting antsy out here … The tension is thick, so thick that Baron Davis is feeling the need to dress like a lumberjack: “I’m funny looking, so that helps ease the tension.” Yes, yes you are, Baron … Keep reading to hear why everyone hates LeBron so much…

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