Top 10 Comebacks In NBA History

By: 12.16.11  •  7 Comments

6. 2009 – Sacramento 102 Chicago 98
If you’re up by 35 with less than nine minutes to go in the third quarter, short of the Monstars coming down from the rafters and stealing your talents, how can you ever let someone come back in your own house and win? And against the Kings? Tyreke Evans outscored the Bulls by himself 11-3 in the final two minutes. Chicago could’ve let him score 40 and they still should’ve walked away with the game.

Even though this came in the middle of winter between two teams struggling to stay upright, I think this Kings’ team should be given a little more respect for coming up with the second-largest comeback ever behind a rookie, Ime Udoka, Beno Udrih and Sergio Rodriquez.

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