Dime NBA Draft Profile: Terrence Jones

By: 06.26.12

As mentioned before, Jones is not known as a great guy. He is not much of a leader. He is not the type of player that is going to dive for the loose ball. He does not have a great attitude and the only thing that can fix this is time and aging.

It’s easy to see Terrence Jones as a guy who would not be able to handle the NBA lifestyle and be out of the league in a few years. Jones, however, has top-10 talent and could fall into the 20s on draft night. Oftentimes, this is a good combination. Jones will likely fall to a good team where he can grow under veterans. If this is truly the case, Jones could be in for a bright future.
Grade: 6

Combined Score: 37 out of 50 possible points

Best Fit: Boston Celtics
Is there any better player other than Kevin Garnett that could whip Terrence Jones into shape? The Celtics still need to re-sign Garnett, but even if they do not, Jones would still fit in well. The Celtics need scorers. It was apparent during the playoffs that it was incredibly hard for them to score. Jones has a knack for getting the ball in the hoop and could use veterans to lead him into the league. With Brandon Bass and Jeff Green likely hot options in free agency, the Celtics need someone ready to step into the power forward spot right away. Jones would be one of the best options for the job.

“There is no doubt, Jones’ style of play fits the NBA game better than the college game. However, his biggest problem early on will be his position. He may be matched against bigger players as a 4, but he probably isn’t quick enough to guard a 3. Either way, his versatility will allow him to do many things. If he keeps his head right, he could be one of the more productive players in this draft class.” – Garrett Tucker, a scout for Future150.com


How good will Jones be in the NBA?

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