The Top 5 Worst NBA Nicknames

By: 08.07.12

5. Steve Francis – “Stevie Franchise”

Steve Francis

Steve Francis (photo. Gary Land)

I’ll admit, there was a time when Steve Francis was good at basketball. Great, maybe. Except Francis fell into the all-too-tired “add ‘franchise’ to someone’s name” moniker, and the rest was awful history. Francis’ career flamed out rather quickly, and as most suspected, he never panned out as a true franchise player. Although he did spearhead the combo-guard generation, along with Stephon Marbury, outlining a path for statistical success and confusing the natural order of things.

But Stevie Franchise, as a nickname, is a disaster. I don’t have anything better, but sometimes a guy’s last name just works. It’s not like he’s Olowokandi, or something.

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