Laker Legend Says Miami Is Better Than L.A.; Stephon Marbury Questions The Knicks

By: 09.24.12
Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

Stephon Marbury was recently asked by ESPN New York what he thought of New York’s current squad, and Starbury spilled the beans. He doesn’t know why the team traded for Carmelo Anthony if they wanted him to be their savior without letting him flow on offense, because, you know, ‘Melo has never been ANYONE’s savior if they tried to turn him into something he’s not. Marbury doesn’t know why they picked up Amar’e Stoudemire because STAT can’t play in a half-court system, and needs a playmaker like Steve Nash around him. Marbury doesn’t really know what the hell they’re doing, and doesn’t think Anthony and STAT will ever work together. Ignoring the fact that we should be somewhat ignoring Marbury’s basketball expertise at this point (eating vaseline on video pretty much ended any chance of taking him too seriously), the man does have some experience in the subject. He once combined with a zombie Steve Francis, a calcified Penny Hardaway, and a surprisingly effective Eddy Curry to create a multi-million dollar disruptive monster in MSG. The most impact those teams ever had on the championship race was trading Nazr Mohammed to the Spurs for spare change. At least this team has somewhat of a clue what they want to do: litter their lineup with old, washed-up has-beens. Wait, that’s exactly what Marbury’s Knick teams did, too … Speaking of New York, Baron Davis is going to stay on with the team in what’s being called a “multi-faceted role,” despite not having a contract. It sounds like he’ll do some scouting, be considered an advisor, do some commentary for the team broadcasts, and work with the “Garden of Dreams” Foundation … And we hope you caught Jalen Rose‘s story about the time Vince Carter body slammed his own coach, Sam Mitchell. We knew Carter’s time in Toronto got really ugly, but damn, that’s a little over the top (even though we can definitely see Mitchell starting the whole thing and then wanting to take it outside to finish it). But where was that fire from VC when they took the floor? … We’re out like Revis.

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