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By 09.04.12
Allen Iverson, The Answer IV

Allen Iverson, The Answer IV (photo. Reebok)

In yesterday’s Smack, we mentioned a few former stars who were still looking for work, and Allen Iverson‘s name wasn’t on the list. That probably says more about his perceived stance in the game than anything else – that no one even considers him a perspective NBA player anymore. It’s not all talent either. But he’s burned so many bridges, there’s really no chance of him ever getting back in. The Answer is now telling everyone if he can’t play in the NBA, then he’s probably going to go to China. He probably needs to start packing then. Hoopshype translated a report from the Chinese publication NetEase where Iverson said: “China is still one of my choices, but the team that wants me to join has got to show me that they really mean it, like ‘hey we really need you’.” We will always love AI, but we’re not sure any team is saying that anymore … One player who did make that list from yesterday of washed-up stars was Tracy McGrady. He might be working out for the Bobcats soon, according to The Charlotte Observer‘s Rick Bonnell. It’s informal, but he could sit out the year entirely rather than play for Charlotte and still have just as good of a chance at ending that first round streak … Taj Gibson told that he’s still very optimistic about the Bulls this year even without Derrick Rose. Gibson believes his role will be expanded – it must if they want to replace Omer Asik‘s production – and that Chicago can survive as they did last year without the former MVP. During the regular season, their defensive philosophy should still carry them to a top-5 seed. But once the playoffs hit and the games are close and it comes down to the final minutes, they still have no clue who’s getting the ball … The Rockets might be straight up awful this year, and their front office might’ve taken home an “F” in their offseason report card, but at least they can say this: they’ll have the nicest big screen in the game. Houston’s official team site announced they’re introducing what they’re calling “the largest indoor center-hung scoreboard in the United States” during their home opener against Portland. The screen will measure 25 feet high by 58 feet wide and the two end panels will measure 25 feet high and 25 feet wide. Then, all of the boards will have a full HD signal with 1080 lines of resolution. We need one of those for our living room … And Jonathan Feigen of The Houston Chronicle is reporting the Rockets will also sign Scott Machado to a partially guaranteed, three-year deal this week. We called the former Iona guard the draft’s biggest sleeper in Dime #70, and he’ll get every opportunity to prove that this year behind Jeremy Lin … We’re out like Iverson.

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