The Top 10 Basketball Sneakers Since 2000

By: 09.20.12
The Answer IV

The Answer IV (photo. Reebok)

A signature sneaker’s mystique is enhanced by what its namesake did while wearing it – hence the lasting and frenzied appeal of iconic Air Jordans. Likewise, Allen Iverson has a few models synonymous with key moments in his career. We can never see The Questions without picturing him sans cornrows, crossing up MJ himself with a wicked crossover.

Close behind is the Answer IV, worn by AI while he willed the 2001 Sixers – a team completely reliant on him – to the NBA Finals. They didn’t appear to stand a chance against the Lakers, but then a miraculous Game 1 win was made possible by Iverson’s virtuoso 48-point performance.

The Lakers won the next four games – they had arguably the two best players in the league – but it was still the Summer of Iverson. Along with the Air Jordan XVI, the Answer IV was everywhere that year, often seen matched with Nike Swingman Sixers jerseys. Iverson was the coolest in the game, the sneakers had some great curves, if you will, and for practical purposes, anyone who has experienced the DMX cushioning system knows it’s the truth.

For Iverson, things were never quite as good again as they were the night of Game 1 against the Lakers in 2001. But that just makes the Answer IV that much more special. And the demand is there: They were retroed this summer, perfect for reminiscing about the brief period Iverson stood on top of the NBA world, with his feet in some slick Reeboks.

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