Kobe Bryant’s Triple-Double Grounds The Rockets; Rajon Rondo Barely Keeps His Streak Alive

By: 11.19.12

Rajon Rondo's Dynamic Passing Drills & Workout

Clearly out of range to beat Detroit in a 103-83 loss, Boston ran a gimmick offense late in the fourth to push Rajon Rondo to 10 assists, his 34th straight game in double digits. His teammates didn’t hesitate to put up a shot when Rondo got them the ball with even a slight opening to shoot in order to keep his milestone alive. That was one of the few times the C’s showed much energy after a brutal fourth game in five nights. If they have a bit more rest, we doubt Detroit gets its first home win of the season. … Damian Lillard impresses us every time he takes the floor, and even when he screws up on it. The last two of his 16 points were on a half-hearted dunk in the final seconds of Portland’s 102-94 win over Chicago when he should have been dribbling out the clock instead. Joakim Noah (a quietly big game with 16 points, 15 boards and eight assists) stopped him at center court to give him a pointed dos-and-don’ts refresher course that had Jared Jeffries playing peacemaker. Lillard apologized on Twitter after the game, but it would have been hilarious if he’d linked to Noah’s own noted celebrations. … Round of applause goes to Nate Robinson‘s 18 points in 19 minutes off the bench. … Did the best crossover of the day go down in the U.S. Virgin Islands? … The Kings held a players-only meeting this weekend to figure out what is going wrong but letting Andray Blatche ring up 22 points on you in Brooklyn’s 99-90 win does not count as progress. That Nets (five straight wins) vs. Lakers (five wins in last seven) joint on Tuesday looks even better now. … Not having J.J. Redick killed Orlando in its 97-86 loss at Toronto. The Magic didn’t have a counterpunch to DeMar DeRozan‘s 20 points, nor did they have an answer when Amir Johnson decided to go off in the fourth quarter with 14 points. … Carmelo Anthony‘s 26 points got New York back on track with an 88-76 win over Indiana that looked like a Big Ten football game at times. Also, Jason Kidd wore the worst headband in NBA history. … We’re out like Brandon Roy, again.

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