Dime Q&A: Tyreke Evans Reveals His True Position & What Will Motivate Him In New Orleans

By: 07.16.13
Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans (photo. Nicky Woo)

Dime: An article in The Sacramento Bee quoted you as saying you would have preferred to remain in Sacramento. Does the fact that they didn’t match your offer give you any extra motivation as a player?
TE: That definitely motivates me, you know. It’s a new chapter in my life, and I’m happy about this new situation. I’ve got new teammates, new fans, you know, so I’m looking forward to going out there and playing with my new teammates.

Dime: What is your message to the city of Sacramento and the fans who have supported you over the years?
TE: I just wanna tell them thanks for everything they did since day one, you know, when I got off the plane, the fans were cheering. It was great. I was excited. All the games, you know, they’ve been there supporting us, even when I’m out eating with family and friends, they always show support. They’re good fans, and I wish them the best of luck.

Dime: New Orleans is a fun town – great food, great music, great culture – what are you most looking forward to in terms of actually living there now?
TE: I’m looking forward to it, like I said, It’s just something new for me. [When we traveled there] I would just go out and get something to eat. Their food is pretty good, and you know, just getting to see the city and things like that, so I’m definitely looking forward to it, you know. I read about the city, and it’s a great city. I’m looking forward to going out there and meeting new fans, and you know, get this thing on the road and try to make the playoffs this year.

Dime: Have you spoken to any of your new teammates – Holiday, Rivers, Davis – about joining the team and what you guys want to accomplish this year?
TE: I’ve not really talked to many of them yet, except Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson. We chatted before on the plane because he [Anderson] was home in Sacramento. We texted each other, and he let me know that he was looking forward to me coming down there, and I told him I was looking forward to playing with him. But I know Jrue pretty good. I haven’t talked to him yet, but I know he’s in China. I heard he just came back, though. We were pretty good friends through AUU basketball and the McDonald’s [All-American] Game, so I know Jrue pretty well, and the other guys, I’m just looking forward to meeting them.

Dime: Have you talked to Coach Monty Williams yet, and if so, what message did he have for you in terms of joining the team?
TE: I texted coach Monty, and he seems like a real good coach, you know. I’ve heard good stories about him, so I’m looking forward to being coached by him. Before, I had talked to him on the phone, and you know, he was excited that I’m gonna be there for a long time and for us to improve our record. I’m looking forward to going out there and working hard for him and just trying to be the best player I can be.

Dime: In Sacramento, you played some point guard, some shooting guard, and even some small forward. What do you think is your ideal position?
TE: For me, probably running the show, but I don’t mind playing two-guard. I already played there, so I know that position pretty well, but I’m quite sure Monty Williams knows what I can do and the position I like to play, so you know, we’re just gonna go from there. But whatever he wants me to play, I’m willing to do whatever he needs me to do.

DM: It’s a pretty crowded backcourt with Holiday, Gordon, and Rivers, and there’s been some talk about you possibly coming off the bench as a sixth man, so is that a role that you’d be willing to embrace?
TE: Definitely, you know. I mean, I think I’m a starter, but with the team we got, if it’ll help us win games, then I’m definitely willing to do that.

Should Evans start or come off the bench in New Orleans?

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