The 20 NBA Players You Must Follow On Twitter In 2013

By: 08.13.13
Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin (photo. @BlakeGriffin32)

Social media is at an all-time high among NBA athletes right now. In the last few weeks, we’ve recapped our top players to follow on Instagram, dropped our top “LOL” moments of NBA social media in 2013 and listed our top NBA fashion trendsetters. As more and more pro ballers continue to dominate our social media networks, we’re taking a look at the top 20 NBA players to follow on Twitter.

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Honorable Mention:
Jamal Crawford, Rudy Gay
J-Crossover is just letting you know how it is while Rudy is still in disbelief that his ex-coach Lionel Hollins is still without a job.

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The new Celtic lets you know that he’s got a short temper. Hopefully it’s not too short because it may be a long season for him in Boston.

White still hasn’t played in a NBA game due to his anxiety problem and fear of flying but he has a little fun with himself on Twitter by explaining his son has opposite feelings about flying.

‘Dre is all over social media as he was dubbed as our No. 1 player to follow on Instagram. While he is not at the top here, he still cracks our list as his unique personality is easy for his young followers to relate to at age 20.

We’re already used to outlandish outfits and Instagram posts from the man himself and Russ follows suit when using his Twitter handle. While he may think a bit outside of the box, Russ admits he forgot to finish his thought in his previous tweet.

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