UPDATE: Chris Kaman’s Beard Is Dead

07.16.13 4 years ago
Chris Kaman (photo. @ChrisKaman)

Chris Kaman (photo. @ChrisKaman)

Oh no! The Woodsman and new Dwight Howard replacement, Chris Kaman, might be shaving his amazing beard.

If you don’t remember, Kaman’s former Mavericks teammates all decided to stop shaving until the Mavs reached .500 last season. They did eventually, but Kaman grew attached to his facial growth. Until today, that is.

This is awful because Kaman’s one of our favorite NBA hair guys, and this Paul Bunyan routine worked for him as long as he kept it closely cropped up top.

Please send your condolences to Kaman’s beard, â„… Dime Mag.

UPDATE: Kaman’s beard was pronounced dead at 1:10 p.m. EST:

#BeardRIP, indeed.

Should Kaman shave the beard or keep it?

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