The Greatest Slam Dunks In Denver Nuggets History

By: 09.20.16

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Dunk highlight reels are a dime a dozen on Youtube — a search of the phrase “dunk highlights” produced more than 650,000 results this morning — and most of them are eminently forgettable. But what if a dunk compilation could be art? That’s the case Oakley and Allen make with their Dunktrospective series, cutting notable dunks from the entire history of one team and editing it beautifully into one immersive trip down memory lane.

This time, the Nuggets get the benefit of this Dunktrospective, which goes all the way back to David Thompson, whose nickname “Skywalker” alone justifies his inclusion in this package. Along the way, you see appearances from Nuggets greats like Dikembe Mutombo and Carmelo Anthony (remember his cornrows? Good times), with more regional favorites like Darvin Ham, Robert Pack and Antonio McDyess. And it all goes down so smooth thanks to the tastefully done film-damaged effects, and the all-time great soundtrack.

Seriously, one of the most infuriating parts of being a Youtube highlight geek is having to deal with the unending stream of samey garbage EDM which will peak your laptop speakers even at half volume — or worse, Nickelback knockoffs. In basketball specifically, the more common trope is the cheap, noisy hip-hop beats that were probably bought off a $2 online beat factory. We don’t know where this Dunktrospective got its groove, but it’s luscious.


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