NBA Store Gets Temporary NYC Home This Fall

08.19.11 6 years ago

NBA Store

As an NYC resident and basketball aficionado, the old NBA Store was a second home. The endless paraphernalia, retro gear, everything. I bought my favorite pair of Knicks’ shorts there. When the store shut down in February, I was disappointed. A part of my basketball experience was gone – taken, really. Well I’m glad to announce that, at least temporarily, it’s back.

According to ESPN New York, NBA partner Adidas will reopen a 6,000-square-foot NBA store between 47th and 48th street on 5th Avenue in the fall. Although the location is temporary, it’s a start. And to make things even better, the CBA has no impact on selling player merchandise – the two contracts are separate. I have no idea why, but I don’t really care. All I know is that I’ve been given another chance to waste all my money.

But even if you don’t want to open your wallet, the NBA Store is still a great place to spend an afternoon. In case you’ve forgotten what it was like, here are three reasons why I still miss the old grounds:

1. The handprints – Who didn’t like sticking their hands in an imprint of Shaq‘s massive paw? If you’ve ever done it, you know why Shaq can’t shoot free throws. It’s like he’s playing on a koosh hoop – easy to dunk, hard to shoot.

2. The team shorts rack – When LeBron was a rookie, I’m not gonna lie: I bought a pair of Cleveland shorts. Even though they’re not game-style shorts, they’re still pretty sweet and a must have for any real basketball fan. Although I’m slightly ashamed of my previous bandwagoning.

3. NBA players, past and present – I’m not talking about jerseys or blowups. I’m talking the real thing. I met Eddy Curry there. When he could run, jump and score. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a larger human being.

And now, of course, an all-access video with Ahmad Rashad.

What will you buy?

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