Paul Pierce Leads One Of The Greatest NBA Comebacks Ever

01.27.12 6 years ago 131 Comments
Paul Pierce

At some point in the fourth quarter of Boston’s 91-83 win in Orlando – it might’ve been after another one of his threes or perhaps when he had a behind-the-back assist to Brandon Bass or even when he hit a technical free throw – we sat back and realized, “Damn, Boston is really going to win this thing,” and they did it because Paul Pierce turned back the clock with one of the most incredible comebacks we’ve ever seen. Early in the fourth quarter, Pierce had banged two straight threes and then hit a pull-up in the lane and suddenly it was a four-point game. The Captain was doing everything, and even had a couple of blocked shots. Soon, everything unraveled for Orlando, losing it emotionally and blowing what was a 27-point lead to Pierce’s 24 points and 10 assists. Embarrassing to watch. The Magic scored 25 points in the entire second half, and started handing out technicals like they were candy once they realized the game was a wrap … E’Twaun Moore was the X-factor, missing one shot on his way to scoring 16 points … Did we just forget about Mickael Pietrus (12 points) these last few years or is he having sort of a renaissance in Boston? He had two threes and a J within the first few minutes of the game and had us reminiscing on the 2009 Playoffs when that dude was banging from everywhere and shutting down every big-name player he went up against … The Celtics might’ve looked like a random group of guys thrown together in the park during the first half, but they can still play defense. At one point near the end of the first half, on one possession, they blocked Jason Richardson‘s shot then chased three different guys off open jumpers, and then finally contested a J-Rich three from about 26 feet out. As the story of the first quarter went (Orlando was up 32-16 after 12 minutes), the shot still dropped. It was so bad in the first half, even Jameer Nelson was dropping threes, everyone on the Magic bench was doing all sorts of Dirty Dancing and the score was 52-25. Austin Rivers was tweeting, asking his dad to put him in, and without Dwight Howard (ended up with 16 points and 16 rebounds) making a big impact, the Magic were still setting up shop in the lane and vacating any potential rebounder out of the arena in grabbing 22 of the game’s first 32 rebounds … Nelson even got a little revenge for the stolen manhood Avery Bradley took from him the other night in Boston. Nelson knocked an inbounds pass off Bradley’s leg after a bucket. He stills owes the Celtic two more backcourt turnovers though … Speaking of the defensive ace, we can’t watch too many more Bradley jumpers. That thing is so ugly, he probably loses in H-O-R-S-E during practice to Rondo. He’s done a decent job of replacing Tony Allen‘s line drive, chuck-from-the-shoulder shot of back in the day. It’s bothersome just because – exactly as TA – Bradley could actually be pretty good if he’d develop anything outside of three feet … “The Czar of the Telestrator” is still one of the greatest nicknames ever, just ahead of “He Hate Me,” the “Purple People Eaters” and of course “Bad Porn” … How far is Shaq going to take this “Dwight stole my nickname!” crap? First he’s crying out about Big Baby being the best big man in Orlando, and then he’s yelling Ryan Anderson is the best player wearing a Magic uniform. We know he’s joking but still … Instead of spending 600-plus words on this game, we could’ve simplified it all to this KG interviewKeep reading to hear about the wild Grizzlies and Clippers game …

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