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LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. Nike)

Just like that, it’s all tied up. In response to some mix-matching with the Mavericks lineup, Rick Carlisle got some help for a sick Dirk Nowitzki in helping Dallas climb back to a 2-2 series tie. And before you ask, yes, this post is going to come across a little LeBron-haterish.

In Game 4’s tweets, we learn who the T-Mobile girl is and rave over a sighting of The Custodian. And of course, us media are going to go crazy on LeBron James after he shrunk in Game 4, but before reporters made him sweat after the game, the Twitterverse was already ragging on the King.

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Before the game started, there was an informative conversation regarding something you might have asked but were too lazy to look up for yourself: Who the heck is the T-Mobile girl?

@johnhollinger: While we wait for tipoff here in Dallas, a quick Google search informs me that the T-Mobile 4G girl is a Canadian model named Carly Foulkes.

@thechrispalmer: @johnhollinger Once met the T-Mobile girl in LA. Asked her what she did and she pointed to a 70-foot billboard of herself. True story

@FoulkesCarly: @johnhollinger Hey there! Heard you were googling me :p

@johnhollinger: OK now this is getting weird. Rick Carlisle started it.

Awwwkwaaard. Anyway, another part of Carlisle’s rotation change tabbed Brian Cardinal to take over the playing time for a struggling Peja Stojakovic.

@dailythunder: Watching Brian Cardinal sprint at full speed is a favorite hobby of mine I think.

@freemaneric: I hope Dirk throws up now so Brian Cardinal has to clean it up.

Then it happened. The fourth quarter came, and just as Jason Terry had questioned whether James’ defense could stop him for seven games, JET went crazy. He hit two buckets in a row that were sandwiched between a James travel. Meanwhile, James looked uncertain on both ends of the floor.

Fair warning: If you like LeBron, the following Tweets might get old. However, please applaud me for not including the #lebronhairlinethemesong Tweets that were trending.

@TheBillWalton: Traveling on LeBron James?! What’s next, anarchy? The fall of Western Civilization? A nuclear infested dystopian society?#iamappalled

@johnhollinger: LeBron beaten by Terry again. Playing like he’s trying to get Mike Brown fired.

@ekoreen: Jason Terry is PREENING.

@FakePatRiley: So this is what it would have looked like if I didnt sign Lebron

@MikePradaSBN: LeBron’s shot just shrunk away from the rim, ammirite guys!

@Jared_Wade: Miami should put LeBron in.

@AnthonyLimaTV: Well LeBron wasn’t good on offense or defense. He’ll probably remind a reporter about his work on special teams.

And as Dallas’ defense clamped down, it was the ailing Dirk, supposedly with a fever over 100 degrees, finding the energy for 10 fourth-quarter points. For as much criticism as James received, the bigger story should be about how Nowitzki again proved that he’s a man on a mission, one reporter even comparing his performance to Michael Jordan’s stomach flu game from the 1997 NBA Finals.

@GaryParrishCBS: OK, I’ve got it, @greggdoyelcbs. Leave LeBron alone. But ask Dirk why he doesn’t shrink in the 4th. That would be classic.

The postgame presser was even more classic, which included Nowitzki’s snot and a press conference microphone.

@netw3rk: Dirk snot mic FTW.

@ahmong: I would EBAY that Mic Dirk’s using right now

Aside from the tied series, the Dallas win also means that we’re guaranteed at least two more games of commentary from future Golden State coach Mark Jackson. Wahoo?

@russbengtson: Jerry West: “Um, which of these announcers did we just hire again?”

Will Game 5 go the same way?

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