Vinsanity: The Top 10 Greatest Dunks Of Vince Carter’s Career

04.01.11 7 years ago 21 Comments
Vince Carter

Vince Carter, Dime #21

“He’s wasted his talent.” “He’s soft.” “He doesn’t care.” Vince Carter has heard nearly every insult you could ever throw at a player. But none of that takes away from this: He is the greatest dunker this game has ever seen.

With the recent news that Suns coach Alvin Gentry was benching VC in favor of Jared Dudley, some are taking this as a sign that Carter’s career is pretty much over. But in Wednesday night’s loss against the Thunder, Carter went retro, scoring 28 points and giving us a nice baseline reverse. After that, I figured I would make a list similar to the one I did of Kobe Bryant. Here are the 10 greatest dunks of Vince Carter’s career (no dunk contest and no celebrity-game dunks).

10. College Alley-Oop

I almost stuck the Statue of Liberty dunk on Tim Duncan here. You know the one where TD nearly gets a sneaker to the face. But I couldn’t refuse this one. If you remember VC’s time at Chapel Hill, this play was a staple: inbounds pass along the baseline, just throw it up at the rim and Carter will go get it. This time, he went and got it with one hand, in between two defenders who sort of combined to give him the Tom Chambers push-up. Nasty.

***   ***   ***

9. Facial On Mutombo

Before all of the injuries, the sweets, the gained weight, the playoff flameouts and the graduations, there was Vinsanity and insanity. They combined on this play. Michael Jordan dunked on Dikembe Mutombo before. But not like this. This was throw-you-out-in-the-middle-of-the-street-naked with just your sneakers and a box of Cheez-Its. This was a call to the stratosphere: I’m here.

***   ***   ***

8. Double-Pump Reverse Alley-Oop

Late night SportsCenter. It’s around midnight and you just finished up eating and icing after hoopin’. Find the remote. Dial channel 49. A few plays in and your jaw drops. You grab the phone and dial up your boys: “Tell me you saw that! VC just s*** on the whole game…” It ain’t enough to just reverse the lob. He had to double-pump it. Showboating? It isn’t showboating if no one else can do it. VC was merely experimenting and discovering.

***   ***   ***

7. Dunk Over Ben Wallace

Someone should ask Big Ben about this dunk. His reaction could be the key to discovering what I think is the case: that this might be the most underappreciated facial of all-time. Pause at liftoff: dude is nearly at the foul line. That’s absurd. That’s disgusting. That has to be one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen on a court. Then, he doesn’t just go over Wallace, he stretches up and around him. This is easily one of the most overlooked dunks ever. And it’s only number seven.

***   ***   ***

6. Baseline Windmill Vs. The Clippers

How do you even think to dunk a ball like this? The Wright Brothers must’ve reprogrammed Carter’s mind because no one goes baseline, brings the ball down and then decides to bring it back up and slam it from the side. This was a perfect reverse layup setup. For anyone else that is, except for Vince Carter. The only thing that stinks about this play is that we never get stuff like this out of him anymore. It was like all of the fuel he had saved up inside of him for mind-boggling jams ran out by 2003. (dunk is at the :53 mark on the video)

The best is yet to come…

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