Watch Monta Ellis’ 48-Point Barrage Against the Thunder

02.08.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Monta Ellis 48 points highlights

Monta Ellis is without a doubt one of my favorite players to watch play ball. The guy is incredible. When rumors were surfacing last year that my Sixers were in talks to potentially deal Andre Iguodala for Ellis, despite the fact that I’m supporter of Iguodala, I was all about it. The idea of bringing in the best scorer in Philly since an Allen Iverson-in-his-prime to drastically change our sputtering offense had me fired up.

There are plenty of guys in the NBA who can score, but there are few players in the world who can do it like Ellis does. The guy is so fast, so explosive, so single-minded in his attack mode – he’s one of those guys who was put on this planet solely to get buckets. The show he put on against the Oklahoma City Thunder last night was just incredible.

Watch this highlight compilation of Monta’s 48-point barrage. He’s scoring on the break, on drives from beyond the three-point arc, from the foul line, from behind the arc, and he’s even posting up and scoring with his back to the basket.

Most impressive are some of his baskets in the second half. Ellis is clearly in the zone and everything he is tossing up is going in, no matter who is guarding him. Check it out here:

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