Frotcast 17: Extremo the Clown, Social Network with Pajiba

10.07.10 7 years ago 32 Comments

Look, if you haven’t listened to the Frotcast before, I think this one deserves your time.  We interview Extremo the Clown, Portland, Oregon’s own window-painting, monkey-hand-puppet-sporting, oldies-singing clown.  It gets off to a bit of a rocky start as we catch Extremo in the middle of peeing.  But the dude is kooky, all kinds of entertaining (he clearly knows what he’s doing), and hopefully he won’t murder me.

After that (25 minutes in) we talk to Pajiba‘s head nerd (NERDS!!), Dustin Rowles, about The Social Network, live from the other Portland (Maine).  Our spirited review includes a special appearance by our new correspondent, Armond White Hammond, who Bret hates, because he is a jerk.  Check it the F out.  Seriously.

This week’s intro music comes courtesy of The Crazy Ivans. To refresh you memory, here’s a few pictures of Extremo’s van, The Never Never Van.

(and this was the YouTube Extremo was talking about.  I don’t why the chick was flipping him off. If you ask me, that’s a sweet got damn window)

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