Frotcast 23: White Dog, 127 Hours with Laremy

11.18.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

This week might be our most movie reviewing-est Frotcast yet.  After we get through our righteous moral outrage over the Four Loko ban (F*CK YOU, NANNY STATE, IMPEACH SCHUMER), we bring on Laremy from to talk White Dog, 127 Hours, Monsters, Tucker Max’s movie, and more.  He LOVES 127 Hours!  I DON’T!  Chaos ensues!  It’s great podcasting!  (Seriously though, we think it’s pretty listenable.  If you like it, tell a friend or four).  And mysterious emailer “Cody”, claim your t-shirt.

Same as last week, this week’s intro song is “Totally Snake” courtesy of the band Totally Snake.  Looking for a new one, so if you’ve got a good song, send it our way.

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