Keanu learns of Sad Keanu meme, morosely chews a cupcake

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10.06.10 17 Comments

As you might have guessed from the six pages of image results for “Keanu” on FilmDrunk, the Sad Keanu/Loitering Keanu/Cupcake Keanu meme is near the top of my list of favorite things ever, just behind Diora Baird’s boobs and white people with dreadlocks getting hit by cars.  Someone finally got around to asking Keanu about it, and although he hadn’t heard of it, he approves of it in theory (sidenote: everything I’ve ever heard about Keanu suggests that he’s a really cool dude).  Though if you ask me, Keanu has nothing to do with this meme.  He’s only the vessel through which the Internet Gods prove their munificence.

[From Vulture, who caught up with Keanu at the Woodstock Film Festival]
You’re taking over the Internet. Have you seen all the “Sad Keanu” stuff out there?

My publicist showed me the photo, but no.

There’s not one photo. There are millions. You’re Photoshopped next to kittens and into Pulp Fiction and next to the cast of The Breakfast Club, and in a million different ways. Have you seen those?
Oh, that’s funny! No, no, I haven’t seen them.

There are millions, really. Google “Sad Keanu.” You haven’t?
[Laughs.] No.

Seriously, though, this is one of the reasons I think one of the big appeals of you as an actor is that people are always straining to figure out what’s on your mind, what you’re thinking, why you’re sad … There’s thousands of people doing this.
Wow. So, what, now they’re putting me next to other objects?

Yes! For instance, right now I’m looking at you in some Banksy graffiti, you next to a panda.
That’s so funny.

You with a cheerleader, but you don’t notice her …
Oh, that’s funny. So they like take paparazzi pictures and re-contextualize them? Funny.

Well, it sounds like harmless, good clean fun. […] Yeah, I haven’t seen them. But given the scope and scale of what can happen out there, that sounds like an all right one. It sounds conceptually funny. [Laughs.]

There you have it.  Keanu memes make Keanu smile, while sandwiches make him sad and he finds cupcakes confusing.  I love you, Keanu.  I would buy you a thousand sandwiches and we could loiter in front of a 7-11, eating them together.

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