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01.24.08 102 Comments

Just in case you needed proof that life sucks and the world’s not fair, Heath Ledger is dead while Paris Hilton is alive and promoting a movie at the Sundance Film Festival.  They’re not actually screening it, of course, but she’s there because she doesn’t have a job.

Here she gives costar Christine Lakin props for her ability to wear ugly girl make up, which Paris says she could never do.  …Riiiight.  You know, if there are two things Paris Hilton is capable of in this world, they’re wearing make up and looking ugly.  She probably misunderstood the question though.

Can you imagine having to write interview questions for Paris Hilton?  I think I would just hand her a .45 and convince her it’s a really fun new toy that squirts semen in your mouth when you pull the trigger.  Please, Paris, will you promote our toy?  It’s really expensive and it’s made out of poor people (that’s why it’s shiny). We think it’ll be really big if people see you using it. 

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