Diddy Speaks On What To Expect From Revolt TV

06.20.13 5 years ago


VICE: What sort of content can we look forward to besides music videos?
Diddy: To be perfectly honest, VICE has been a huge inspiration for a lot of the type of content we want to put out there. I feel like we are in an age where technology gives us the freedom to be so artistic, to be fearless, and to be in different places and share different experiences, and that’s what Revolt wants to embrace and celebrate from a musical point of view. I feel like music has gotten safe over the last couple of years. There are artists who need to be seen and heard. The future of music is at stake when you don’t have a platform that can actually help to promote or get the message across or celebrate what certain artists are doing.

When you talk about our content, first and foremost, it’s going to be newsy, from a journalistic standpoint and from a point of integrity. That we have a relationship with the artists—they trust us with their stories, they trust us with their ups and downs. We have no place [on TV] to get that from. When you think of sports, you think of ESPN. Athletes trust ESPN. They trust them with their careers, with their feelings and you know that the reporting that you’re getting is valid reporting. When you talk about news, you talk about CNN, Fox News—you know it’s reputable. There’s no voice like that for music. So a lot of programming is focusing on music. Not just music videos, but we will be playing music videos. We’ll be playing the most music videos on TV. Another thing is we’ll be live, in real time, across all platforms. We will be mobile, we’ll be digital, we’ll be linear, and we will be breaking news and doing our best to be first on the scene, to build our name as the new number-one voice in music.

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