From The Streets Of Portland To The ‘Tonight Show,’ The Last Artful Dodgr Is On The Best Trip Of Her Life

06.05.17 8 months ago


There’s been a recent resurgence in west coast hip-hop, but even with the new wave, a pretty glaring geographical hole remains: Portland, Oregon. Until last year, the superstar-making apparatus of the world kept their attention fixed on what was happening in LA and the Bay Area, and fixed patiently any talent from Seattle that might be drafting off of Macklemore’s Grammy-winning success. Through their lens, Portland, the city that geographically and culturally lays between those two extremes, didn’t exist.

The focus shifted a bit in 2016 when Aminé dropped his single “Caroline,” a track that landed at #11 on the Billboard pop charts and whose video has racked up an astonishing 161 million plays on Youtube. It’s also the track that brought the young rapper to The Tonight Show last November, and he didn’t go there alone. Paying the ultimate respect to his hometown scene, Aminé brought with him two other rising stars to be backup vocalists: R&B singer Blossom and a fellow rapper who performs as The Last Artful, Dodgr.

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