How Did The Hardys Deal With The Aftermath Of DELETE Or DECAY?

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So here we are. What started as Matt Hardy livestreaming himself making faces at nothing in a hotel room has evolved into an epic universe of sentient drones, massacre-loving gardeners, and a baby who might be a god or the future or an Antediluvian or secretly made of highly desirable Hot Topic gift cards (who even knows at this point). There’s a lake that resurrects ‘the dead,’ and Reby Hardy’s insane amount of economical storage space. Oh, and a dilapidated boat.

The House of Hardy faced off against The Decay in a full-scale home invasion attempt full of fireworks, Joseph Park, and felony kidnapping. Though they managed to save Maxel from Rosemary, The Decay critically wounded Vanguard 1, then drove off with Senor Benjamin. Jeff Hardy’s body (and soul, probably) was injured. Reby was left unconscious in a pile of decorative candles. How did Matt Hardy cope with the aftermath of DELETE or DECAY?

Let’s find out.

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