The Best And Worst Of Smackdown 6/6/14: Who Rang the Bell?!

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Best: Eeerraaahraow!

For anybody who doesn’t like Natalya, just check her out after they play a recap of her match with Charlotte at Takeover. She lost that match, but she’s so happy to watch a video package of her doing real wrestling. And she got to continue being a competent wrestler tonight! She even won her match! Can we all agree to like “capable, happy to be a wrestler” Nattie even though she farted that one time (it’s okay, it wasn’t real)?

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox was probably the best thing on show. Alicia is now crazy when she wrestles too, and she’s not just doing standard crazy wrestler comedy spots or appropriating AJ’s head bobbling, skipping routine. She’s invented her own brand of in-ring crazy. The bit where she ties herself up in the ropes and just screams at Nattie to keep her away is legit, bus stop homeless person crazy. When she’s hit she doesn’t react like a pro-wrestler, she reacts like a girl who took something weird and has found herself in a fight outside the bar at 3 am — she can’t believe how much getting hit hurts and is f-cking incensed about it.

Also, she did this walk after the match…


If she doesn’t start coming out from behind the curtain like that every show, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

Best: Bo Finds His Mean Streak

When Bo debuted a couple weeks ago, I criticized his in-ring style for not really matching up to his character. I suggested he should be the guy who turns on a dime from smiling dispenser of platitudes to hard-hitting brawler, and that’s exactly what he did on Smackdown. His match with Santino started as friendly competition, but then he got annoyed at Santino for, well, being Santino, so Bo steamrollered over him, pinned him with authority and then…the darkness lifted from his face and gentle Bo was back. Perfect. Of course, I’m not necessarily saying Bo Dallas reads the Smackdown report and took my advice, but well, I know what I Bolieve.

Worst: The Uninterested Force Meets The Unmotivated Object

Man, what to say about this? Both Randy Orton and The Big Show can rise to the occasion with the right opponent, but against each other? I can’t think of many top-level match ups I’d be less interested in seeing. Of course the match was just set-up for a Rollins run in, because they’re saving the big Shield confrontation for Raw, and humiliating the Big Show is a requirement for joining Triple H’s super cool friends club. Hopefully this Big Show stuff was just a bit of Smackdown filler — if Show pops up on Raw wearing a flak jacket I no longer believe in The Shield, Evolution or that goodness can exist in this world.

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