Dwarf Bullfighters Dressed As Superheroes? Only If They're Respected.

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comes a story of triumph in the face of adversity, as Franklin Marcano and Gustavo Murillo are Mexican bullfighters looking for respect in their sport that has long been a source of controversy. Also, they’re dwarfs, so people really don’t take them seriously. But they’ve been fed up with being seen as a novelty act for the past few years and they’ve pressed on with their group of superheroes, and they continue to fight for all that is just for little people.
A part of the Original Bullfighting Dwarfs of Mexico, Marcano and Murillo are just two of the many men who have taken jobs with the Originals, as I’m calling them for my own convenience, and they’ve found a life of fame and moderate earnings traveling throughout North and South America. They even pride themselves on the fact that they don’t harm the bulls like fighters in other countries do. They just evade them, which they consider an art as much as a sport. I call it suicide, but whatevs.
It’s stories of pride like this that make me feel better while knowing that lawmakers in Florida are trying to make it legal for bars to showcase dwarf tossing again. After all, it makes Peter Dinklage sad, and nobody should ever want that to happen.

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