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Watch This Guy Attempt To Copy The Rock’s Insane Eating Plan For A Day


The Rock might be able to down ten pounds of food every day, but can a normal person do the same? This guy attempted it.

Samir Hill

JUCO Player Puts Cops On Skates During Pick-Up Game in West Philly

A junior college player put two cops on skates during a pickup game in Philly. Big props to these officers for being good sports about it.


A$AP Yams’ Death Hasn’t Stopped A$AP Rocky From Doing Drugs


A$AP Rocky covers the April/May issue of Complex and discusses ASAP Yams, Iggy Azalea, his drug use and more.

Style Kicks and Gear

Complex Hosts The Next Sneaker Design Star Contest

Do you think you have what it takes to design sneakers.

#LeBron James

Your Chance to Win 10 of the World’s Most Rare Sneakers!


Check this out: Our friends over at Complex tell us that this is going to be the biggest/best sneaker giveaway ever.

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Want To Know Why Soulja Boy Is So Wack?


Maybe because he started listening to Hip-Hop a week ago. See, as a purveyor of the direction present and future Hip-Hop generations are going, I know very well you have to be receptive to the stylistic changes and look towards the appeal that's very much there. Even if it differs from your own personal preferences. Because unlike what a few disgruntled commenters aggie that their favorite rapper got shorted a Cig or two would have you to believe, preferences don't get factored in the critiquing process. (Much, much more on that later). Yet even still, an artist is only strong as their influences allow them to be. Everybody borrows and gets inspired from the next man. Before Jay-Z was boasting about his wealth that rivaled small countries, he was studying Big Daddy Kane's every move in the streets. If André 3000 never took his talents to South Mars, half of your favorite eclectic personalities would cease to exist. And for every bit of Grammy gold Eminem takes home every year, he'll be the first one to let you know that Redman and Masta Ace paved the way for him to even get to the red carpet. So while the aforementioned legends had legends to shadow the early stages of their career, Soulja Boy came up in the era where every able mouth tested their tongue at rapping and weren't afraid to broadcast it to the world, no matter how inadequate their talent may have been. Hell, SB damn near spearheaded the movement with his YouTube sensation act that still see countless copycats to this day. And if you're wondering why his sound hasn't progressed or hasn't matched even coming close to duplicating another culture imprint like "Crank Dat!," then maybe his top 25 albums of all-time list that he shared with Complex is an indicator, which includes several albums nary even a year old.

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NBA JAM Parties In Chicago, New York & L.A. This Week!


Ever since the official launch of NBA JAM for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, our friends over at Complex and EA Sports have been throwing parties at some of the hottest sneaker stores around the country.

Re Up Gang

Complex & Play Cloths Present – Clipse’s Road To Til The Casket Drops Mixtape


The tenacious, brotherly duo known as the Clipse have linked up with Complex to commemorate the release of their clothing line Play Cloths and simultaneously give listeners a prequel of things to come from the next album, Till The Casket Drops, which is slated to be released first quarter 2009.

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