JUCO Player Puts Cops On Skates During Pick-Up Game in West Philly


We’re going to refrain from any Fresh Prince references here, despite the fact that the junior college player seen in the above video crossing up two police officers is from West Philadelphia, according to Complex:

“He’s 21-year-old Samir Hill from West Philadelphia, a former point guard at Overbrook High and current player for Allegany College of Maryland, where Steve Francis played juco ball.”

First of all, big props to the police officers for not only taking the time to hoop it up with these guys but also being good sports about it. It’s just the kind of morale boost America needs in the wake of the increasingly tenuous relationship between police and the black community.

Hill crossed up both of these cats pretty good, although in fairness to the cops, those cumbersome uniforms can’t be very conducive to your lateral movement.



(IGs via shallo_tattoo_kiing, H/T B/R)