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John Oliver Pre-Recorded A Segment Perfectly Describing Your 4th Of July Fireworks Experience

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Here's a British comedian explaining everything crappy and wonderful about your July 4th experience.


Watch This GoPro Drone Fly Through Fireworks In The Video That Will Make Your July 4th Weekend

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Ever wonder what it looks like to fly through a fireworks display? Wonder no more.

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Fireworks Show Ends With Lewd Act


Accidentally offensive fireworks finale.

DJ Mustard

TeeFLii – “This D” Video

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DJ Mustard brought me here.

DJ Mustard x TeeFlii – Fireworks Mixtape


Jay-Z may have jacked Thursday's holiday, but that didn't deter some brave artists from dropping their own projects.


The Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation


Here's the best fireworks mishap compilation ever made, in honor of Fourth of July.


Dogs vs. Fireworks


The best clips of dogs taking on fireworks -- oftentimes terrorizing their owners in the process -- all in one video.


Exploding Cow Pie Fail


What happens when you light fireworks inside a pile of cow poop and stand too close.


Congratulations To Rick Pitino And His Hilarious Fear Of Fireworks

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And, you know, also Louisville for winning the national championship.


The Worst Thing To Happen To Hot Air Balloons Since Alvin & The Chipmunks

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I don't know what's going on in Myanmar, and I don't know why they have something called a Fire Balloon Festival, but apparently it involves setting up a hot air balloon, then f**king it up so spectacularly that it descends in a ball of fire and sets off a bunch of fireworks, killing everyone.

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Forget Coney Island, The U.S. Military Hosted Its Own Eating Contest


Like millions of Americans, there was a time when I thought that competitive eating was awesome.

4th of July

San Diego's Massive Fireworks Show Went KABOOM All At Once Last Night

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San Diego puts on one of the biggest fireworks shows each 4th of July. Last night the entire collection of pyrotechnics detonated at once.


One For All, And All For Links


ABOVE: So the Algonquin Hotel held another <a href="">cat fashion show</a> this this weekend.


We Want To Party With This Pug


This morning is the deadline to enter the <a href="../2011/07/gammasquad-giveaway-burn-notice-graphic-novel-released-come-and-get-a-goody-bag">Burn Notice giveaway</a>.


Tube-Loving Bears, Menacing Giraffes, and Links


The 8 Accidental Shame-Inducing Moments of Facebook: A Guide [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] What is the world protesting now.


C-3PO Pinata Rocket


I made a solemn vow when I took this job: that I would geek out over Star Wars.

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